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March 21, 2019
PlayTech most popular slot game —— Bonus Bears !!
March 21, 2019

Since 918kiss update their apps on January, three new slot game were added, and one of them ,the graphic was very beautiful and attracted me directly.


The name of the slot game is – Dragon Maiden

This slot machine is latest slot game of 918kiss. The game’s graphic is much better to compaire with others slot game, and it is quite gorgeous. After a few games, I was unconsciously attracted. Although the gameplay is still nothing different from other slot machines,but it is very rare to rely on the quality of the graphic to attract me to keep playing.


Not only that, but there is also a very special gambler system in the game, in certain circumstances, player has the opportunity to double the original winning prize. Undeniably, this is one of the features of Dragon Maiden.


Of course, another point that appeals to me is that the game is very easy to win, and free games are often seen, giving me more chances to win prizes.


If there is such a slot machine that is easy to win, I believe that there will be many players who will compete for it.


However, want to play smart, you must be very cautious in choosing a trusted company!


Therefore, Gaming Pro wants to recommends a 100% trusted website for our’s players to play in order to be able to play with confidence.

www.c9clubs.com , this is one of the mainstream online casinos in Malaysia, because they are 100% trusted online casino in Malaysia, reputable and trustworthy. Cash out/Top up is completed in 3 minutes, and they is variety of bonuses are available for customers to choose. The most important is their customer service attitude is very professional, if there is any problem, their customer service will solved as much as possible for the customer.


Therefore, players who want to play can try to click on the link to negotiate with their customer service.


It is worth to mention that you must to choose the Bonus that is most beneficial to you.

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