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March 21, 2019
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March 21, 2019

Genting is mostly know as a Malaysian casino, although they have an online casino that allows player from all over the world.

This article will explains the best way for how to win at genting casino.

How to win at Genting casino

To win at Genting casino in Malaysia, I suggest focus on their automated roulette wheels. Why roulette at all? Because you can achieve a much higher edge in roulette than any other came. If you need proof, try the public demonstration video at where a 120% edge is archived.

You can play at the normal roulette tables in Genting, but then you wont have the comfort of your own touch bet screen.

However, usually the normal roulette wheels with live dealers are easier to win at. It’s not always the case though because over the years, there have been many very easy auto roulette wheels to win on at Genting. The biggest problem with the live dealer wheels is the tables can get very busy, and the time between spins gets to ridiculous levels.

Best way to win at Genting casino

The best way to win is without a doubt the roulette computers. But we are unsure of the legalities there. Some players claim it’s legal, while others say it is not. You need to do your own legal research to find out for yourself.

Last I checked, it did appear legal although there are potential laws a casino may use to prosecute players. Generally if there are questionable legalities, don’t play.

Instead I suggest the cross reference roulette system which is legal everywhere. But remember it’s not a system that will win in Genting 100% of the time. Every wheel is different and sometimes you get very easily beaten wheels, and sometimes they are very difficult. As I tend to repeat, the biggest factor with winning any casino game is time.

If you have the time and patience, it’s actually quite easy to win. The next factor is avoiding detection by casino staff, because they wont allow you to continue winning if they notice your consistent wins.

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