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March 22, 2019
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Is it everytime you step on the journey to Genting Highland, but coincidentally the day is a public holiday, and you face a large group of people are going to the destination with you, even you arrive 1st world hotel, you still have to busy with your’s car parking, and stuck with others tourist at the hotel front counter?

Have you ever thought, how best if you have a driver, send you to entrance of 1st world hotel, and arrange everything for you, no matter is hotel, casino chip, and let you bet games with dealer 1 by 1.

But, is it possible?

The answer is YES, what we can let you know is now have a special service — “JUNKET Service” which is represent Casino to serve you.

What is Junket Service ?

The concept is simple: a tour operator invests in the trip of a group of people that are brought to a particular casino where they play certain amounts of money in previously set terms.

In the situation where the player respects the contract, the casino pays the tour operator the transportation and accommodation expenses of the players (including family/companions, if necessary) . If the player does not abide by the contract, the costs fall on tour-operator.

The conditions of the “junket” apply just to live games and consist primarily in the setting of the betting limits, both in value and time.

In order to prevent situations of insolvency, one of the conditions for release of the junket is placing a substantial deposit from the beginning.

It should be noted that the junket players don’t mix with the other players, in order to assess separately at the end of the period. The junket game type can last more innings, more days depending on the player’s availability and the ability of the Casino.

It should be noted that the tour operator involvement is not absolutely necessary, the “junket” can be carried under the same conditions directly between the Casino and players. But the appearance of a specialized third party turns a bilateral contract in the industry with reverberations both vertically (tourism and casinos) and horizontally (all hand providers of products and services related to tourism or gaming).

Does it possible happen in Genting Malaysia ? The answer is YES !

Now, Let me to introduce ” C9clubs VVIP Platinum Junket “, the MOST popular junket service in ASIA.

C9 Club Junket

The main business of C9clubs VVIP Platinum Junket covers high-end travel and VIP entertainment service, premium retail, cultural art, food and beverages and more.

C9clubs VVIP Platinum Junket has expanded to international businesses to around the globe, and continues leveraging its resources to deliver customers an incomparable experience in luxury, and striving to demonstrate a corporate model in the community.

With their solid strength, C9clubs VVIP Platinum Junket has successfully entered S.E.A ’s major resort hotels, and has expanded its international business to Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia and other places.

C9clubs VVIP Platinum Junket junket relies on “customer first” professional services to earn the trust of global VIPs and continuously incorporates the latest technology to create the perfect VIP experience.

So guys, Don’t crowd with tourist anymore, just give a try with C9clubs VVIP Platinum Junket, i believe that will be a different experience.

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