Feng Shui 2019 – Lucky color of the year and what colors to wear!

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March 22, 2019
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March 22, 2019

Do you know what are the FENG SHUI lucky colors to wear during the year of the pig 2019? Let’s take a look!

Lucky colors in 2019

According to the Chinese calendar 2019, there is no period of energetic excess of Earth, which is the main Chinese element of the Year of the Dog 2019,during the year of the Earth Pig 2019.

Thus, during this ending of the cycle of the Chinese lunar calendar under the governance of the twelfth animal of the Chinese zodiac, the animal sign of the Pig (whose intrinsic elements are Water and Wood), permeates the atmosphere of an increased interest for the activities of leisure and pleasure.

The elements that are periodically deficient during the Chinese year 2019 are Fire and Metal, whose associated colors are respectively red and white.

Therefore, the lucky colors to wear for 2019 are colors that symbolize the element FIRE (red, orange, pink) and the element METAL (white, golden).

According to the 2019 Chinese horoscope, the lucky colors that can positively influence your fate during the 2019 Year of the Pig are those that are related to the beneficial energies of the Fire element, represented by the red, pink, and orange color (Fire reinforces Earth) and the Metal element, represented by the white and the golden color (the Metal feeds on the Earth).

Indeed, Fire and the Metal being globally deficient during the Year of the Pig 2019, it is important to be able to fill this lack by the colors of your clothes and your interior decoration, without forgetting the importance of not having vitamin D deficiency (reasonable sunbathing at the appropriate times) and iron (diet of meat, fish, cereals, as well as fruits, vegetables, pulses and dairy products).

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