Genting Highlands Indoor Theme Park is reopened !!!

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Rejoice if you are visiting Resorts World Genting at the end of the year, because the indoor theme park SkyTropolis Funland will be open to the public for a preview starting 08 Dec 2018! As of 01 January 2019, 13 out of the 21 rides are currently available.


SkyTropolis Funland

The new SkyTropolis Funland in Genting Highlands will consist of indoor roller coasters, kids rides, themed shopping, and more! It will be located on the first floor of First World Plaza.

Previously known as the “First World Indoor Theme Park”, it has been closed for renovations since April 2017. The popular theme park will reopen on 08 Dec 2018 as “SkyTropolis Funland”.

Total of 21 Rides

There are a total of 21 rides, but 8 of them are not available yet. The pay-per-ride ticket costs RM10 on weekdays, and RM15 on weekends. You can also buy the preview pass (RM60) which allows for unlimited rides on all rides! Below is a list of all the rides:

Available Rides

Balloon Race – Family Friendly spinning ride

Sky Towers – Fast Drop tower attraction

Boo Boo Bump – Mini bumper car ride for children

Disco! – Gigantic spinning disc

Copper Express – Fun train ride for the family

Bumper Boss – Bumper Car arena

Spin Crazy – Pendulum ride with 360 degree spins

Whirly Bugs – Merry Go Round on gigantic bugs

Ride ‘Em Round – Enchanting Merry Go Round

Loop de Loop – Mini track ride for children

Power Surge – Exhilarating high-flying ride

Royal Carousel – Family-friendly double storey carousel

Space Cadet – Controlled spinning ride for the family

Coming Soon

Skyscraper – Ferris wheel with colourful gondolas

Jumping Spurs – Mini jumping tower for children

Stormy Voyage – Viking Ship

Tea Cups – Family friendly tea cup rides

Music Express – Fast spinning exciting ride

Super Glider – Suspended Lie-down rollercoaster

Chariot Cruise – Family friendly ride around the park

Soaring Ships – Suspended ride with aerial view for family

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