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Developed by Chinese video game company Tencent Games, King of Glory is a multiplayer online battle arena game which also goes by the names of Arena of Valour, Honour of Kings and Strike of Kings in different countries around the world.

It’s massively popular and in the summer of 2017 there were approximately 80 million daily active and 200 million monthly active players of the game.

Naturally, with such a following, there’s a desire to bet on Kings of Glory and below is a list of the best betting sites spreading odds on upcoming events.

Kings of Glory (KoG) or as its named in Chinese: 王者荣耀 is a relatively new (released in 2015) game and competitive eSport. It is a Chinese mobile game in the MoBA genre. Basically it’s like LoL or Dota but on your smartphone.

The game-play is 5 versus 5 where each player control one champion. The game is huge in China and have a lot of eSports events regularly which have led to that a lot of betting sites have started to offer markets for the game.

How Does Competitive King of Glory Work?
King Of GloryAs things stand King of Glory is only available to players in China but the massive success of the game ensures that it is only a matter of time before it spreads worldwide. Right now, however, competitive events and tournaments are limited to the game’s home country and are mostly governed by similar rules and run according to broadly similar formats.

Just like League of Legends (LoL), Tencent Games’ other major multiplayer online battle arena title, King of Glory matches take place on a map split diagonally down the middle into two halves and featuring three different lanes. As in LoL, too, each team spawn on one side of the map, have a Nexus which they must protect and multiple Towers which they can use to help them do so.

Teams & Heroes
A King of Glory team is made up of five players, all of whom control a different Hero with their own distinct skills and abilities. In competitive King of Glory matches, the Heroes to be controlled by each team’s players are decided by way of a draft where each team alternates picks of the available heroes. This prevents one teams from being able to possess all of the game’s best heroes and also adds an extra layer of strategy and mind games to every King of Glory contest.

Gameplay & Objective
Once a King of Glory match’s draft has taken place, it is then the job of the player’s heroes to travel the game map, kill neutral and enemy controlled characters and ultimately aim to destroy the opposing team’s Nexus in order to win the match. Before they can even think of attacking the Nexus, however, teams must collect gold and experience in order to equip and strengthen themselves to the point that they can navigate and defeat their opposition’s towers and characters.

What Are the Big Events?
Having only been released in late 2015 and still currently being limited to China, King of Glory hasn’t yet developed a global competitive scene like LoL. There are, however, already a couple of major tournaments held for King of Glory players in China, and each of those already attract huge audiences and offer impressive prizes.

King Pro League
King Pro LeagueInaugurated in late 2016, the King Pro League is undoubtedly the biggest, most popular and most valuable King of Glory tournament. Lasting a number of months at a time, each edition of the King Pro League (there have been two so far) sees 12 teams do battle to claim the crown as the game’s top squad. Each of the two editions of the King Pro league to date have been played out for a top prize worth approximately $250,000, and the most recent tournament wasstreamed live by an estimated 10 million simultaneous viewers at its peak audience level.

King Champion Cup
Having had a successful inaugural edition in the summer of 2017, the King Champion Cup is probably the second most prestigious King of Glory event. The tournament lasted approximately a month and saw a total of 16 teams battle it out for victory. Whilst not quite as big as for the King Pro League, audience figures for the King Champions Cup were also massive, with a peak of three million simultaneous viewers recorded for the event’s final between Team JC and RNG.M.

What Bet Types are Available? 

Whilst King of Glory is only available to play in China, a number of online bookmakers – both eSports specific and traditional – already offer a variety of different types of King of Glory markets to bet on. Some of the most popular and most commonly available are listed and briefly explained below to give you a helping hand if you are thinking of having a punt on eSports.

Match Winner – Just as simple and straightforward as they sound, match winner markets allow you to bet on which team you believe will win a King of Glory match. The odds available on the participating teams vary greatly, and it requires a good knowledge of prior performance in order to bet on this market successfully.

Correct Map Score – Competitive King of Glory matches in tournaments and competitions are almost always played out over a best of three maps format. You are able to bet, therefore, on either team to win a match either 2-0 or 2-1 if you’re looking for longer odds than are available for a simple match winner bet.

Winner of Map 1/2/3 – Rather than being concerned with the overall result of a King of Glory match, these markets focus on which team you believe will win any given map with a match. These markets can be particularly profitable if you know and understand the makeup of each team in a contest and their respective playing styles.

First Blood in Map 1/2/3 – Taking an even shorter term view than the map winner markets, first blood wagers pay out on the first team to achieve a kill in any given match. Once again, to be successful when placing these types of bet, it’s helpful to understand teams’ relative playing styles and especially how aggressive they are early in a match.

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